Not Cleaning the Dryer is Genetic!

Not Cleaning the Dryer Filter is Genetic!


My son will not clean the lint out of the dryer filter. Neither would his mother. Thus, genetics. It was jammed this morning, totally jammed. No more lint could fit. I clean it every time I put a load in the dryer. Does he follow in my footsteps? – the wise father seeking an efficient dryer and an avoidance of flaming appliances? No, just like his mother!

It makes you feel like going through each of his three billion cells with a hammer and a chisel looking for ex-wife DNA.

I think a generous cell cleaning should come with the divorce, a kind of Roto-rooter for the young so you will not have to re-litigate all the behavioral issues you had with your Ex with your children. It is painful to get rid of a spouse and still deal daily with the weirdness they perpetrated passed on to a new and unsuspecting generation.

You divorce someone and move onto to a new way of living but they’re not totally gone. It’s like living through a sequel, you know, like the second Star Wars trilogy. (But not that bad. Nothing could be that bad. In hell, they make you watch the The Return of Jar Jar Binks.)

Maybe this is where legends of ghost and poltergeists come from? – a leftover genetic curse for a new generation?


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