Garibaldi’s Lovers

The film for the day was Garibaldi’s Lovers. This was an Italian example of Magical Realism.

I had to fight with myself to get through it.

It had some nice moments but you had to endure to get to them.

James Pilant


Statistics 6 29 2014

Blood pressure 122/86

Heart rate 83

6 30 2014

Blood Pressure 126/80.

Heart Rate 87

7 01 2014

Blood Pressure 117/79

Heart Rate 99

Weight 173

7 02 2014

Blood Pressure 127/80

Heart Rate 93

7 06 2014


Heart Rate 96

7 07 2014


Heart Rage 82

7 08 2014


Heart Rate 81

7 10 2014


Heart Rate 85


Heart Rate 88



Johnny Cool

I’ve been watching the 1963 film, Johnny Cool, currently available on Netflix.

Henry Silva is amazing and Elizabeth Montgomery is at her usual best. I didn’t know Henry Silva was a product of the Actor’s Studio and still lives. He’s 85 years old. I hope I do as well.

James Pilant

My Statistics 6 27 2014

Blood Pressure 135/88 – (This was just after my work out – later in the day  at 8:00PM – the numbers were 129/73 with a heart rate of 93)

Heart Rate 100

Weight 174

Workout on rowing machine 6:30 minutes.

This rowing machine is the hyperdeluxe expensive kind and it works your legs, your back, your triceps and your tummy. It’s a beast but an effective beast. I’m thinking about twenty minutes on the thing by August 25th. jp

A New Milestone in My Life

I just enlarged the print settings on my computer. I can’t read the standard size unless I lean in.

I guess that’s an argument against immortality, the fact that as you get older your vision declines. It might make living forever less fun?

James Pilant

Know Your Enemy: Debunking Neoliberal Mythology

A good analysis of neoliberalism.

aNtiDoTe Zine

AntiNote: The following is an extended excerpt of a radio interview, edited for readability.

In printing it, we are once again responding to explicit requests to do so. We find it noteworthy that This is Hell!interviews about which there is the most vocal enthusiasm are typically the ones that examine the nature of neoliberalism, its often unperceived effects on our daily lives and ways of seeing, and our tendency to misunderstand its origins and aims even as we rail against it. As Henry A. Giroux pointed out in just such an interview this past spring, this points to a very real thirst for more thorough analyses and a deeper understanding of the smilingly savage world order in which we find ourselves—a thirst which commercial media, generally speaking, refuses to quench on the grounds that it does not exist. Classic neoliberal denialism…

This interview, which host Chuck Mertz conducted with…

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Pando Fires Top Investigative Reporter: Beware of Offending Powerful

David Sirota deserved better.

Diane Ravitch's blog

David Sirota has written a series of blockbuster stories for the website Pando. He went after the big fish: John Arnold, Bill Gates, Chris Christie. He was fired.

JUNE 25, 2014


Just a quick note to let you know that as of this week, I’m no longer working for PandoDaily, so if you need to reach me, please contact me at my personal email address

This news was unexpected (and I should add, another Pando staffer, Ted Rall, was also let go). That said, the last year has been a career high for me – from the blockbuster series about PBS to the publishing of SEC whistleblower documents to the reports on the New Jersey pension system, it has been an incredible experience, and with real impact.

For instance, as the New York Times reported, PBS was forced to return a $3.5 million donation because of…

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Money, Power, Sex or Influence

Amateur Psychologist

The corporate media apparatus abolished any and all discussions of how the super rich are hiding trillions offshore, because denial is a profitable scam.
Rule #1: “It’s never corporate media’s fault for the trails of human wreckage they leave behind them.”
Rule #2: “Blame it on the non-traditional people.”

It’s easy, even Glenn Beck can do it. The key to this scam is fear and no one holds out the carrot stick of security better than corporate media executives and their co-conspirators. Like taking candy from a baby. Candy as in money, power, sex or influence.

The moral of this story…There will be no apologies for retrieving and dispersing trillions of offshore money to pay for Income Equality. /p>

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George Will Needs to Go

I like this post. It’s similar to what I think!

Nel's New Day

Conservative pundit George Will wants to stop the rampant reporting of sexual assaults on college campuses because they are elevating the victims into a “coveted status that confers privileges.” According to the title of his June 6 piece, this is one way that “colleges become victims of progressivism.” If sex includes hormones, alcohol, or a “hookup,” then it’s not rape. He concludes:

 “What government is inflicting on colleges and universities, and what they are inflicting on themselves, diminishes their autonomy, resources, prestige and comity. Which serves them right. They have asked for this by asking for progressivism.”

Carl Gibson’s excellent commentary on Will’s outrageous support of rapists and the rape culture describes the experience of a friend who was raped on campus:

“She told me about the horrible experience rape survivors like her have and the profound effect it has on their lives. After surviving the ordeal, she was…

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